AvantiPRO U-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood & Metal (12 Pack)

$ 11.97

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AvantiPRO’s multi-application jig saw blade set features 16-blades designed for cutting wood, metal and plastics. This set provides top quality performance and clean cuts in multiple applications. AvantiPRO’s high speed steel blades for metal cutting and high carbon steel blades for wood applications deliver fast cut with minimal effort. Fits U-shank cordless and corded jig saws.

  • Fits cordless and corded U-shank jig saws
  • Designed for cutting wood, metal and plastics
  • (2) 6 TPI Fast Wood Blades
  • (2) 10 TPI Clean Wood Blades
  • (1) 12 TPI Reverse Cut Wood Blade
  • (3) 12 TPI Scroll Cut Wood Blades
  • (1) 36 TPI Thin Metal Blade
  • (1) 36 TPI Thin Metal Blade
  • (2) 10 TPI General Purpose Blades