MicroJig GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock

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More gripping power. More versatility. Advanced creativity.

Enjoy the ultimate workshop companion. This advanced model of the GRR-Ripper utilizes all the same innovative features of the Basic GRR-RIPPER but comes with two additional accessories that improve the control and expandability of the GRR-Ripper System.

The Advanced GRR-RIPPER is built to meet the needs of the professional woodworker or extreme hobbyist. With enhanced versatility features, the Advanced GRR-RIPPER will perform operations that used to be very dicey and time-consuming with ease and speed. Whether you are making razor-thin veneer strips, building miniatures, or creating exquisite furniture you will save time, materials, and fingers with the GRR-Ripper. 

The GRR-RIPPER provides downward and inward pressure, keeping both sides of the cut parallel to the blade. This prevents the workpiece from straying from the rip fence, virtually eliminating kickback.

Using two GRR-RIPPERs allows you to feed long stock continuously without stopping, virtually eliminating burning and blade marks caused by inconsistent feed rate. Parts come off the saw ready to use with little to no additional sanding or planing.

See for yourself why the GRR-RIPPER Advanced is the #1 selling fully adjustable pushblock in the world.

  • Ideal for use with table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws
  • Adjustable spacer adds increased gripping surface for tackling larger stock
  • Stabilizing plate adds a new dimension of control to the GRR-RIPPER, making it particularly useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock
  • Perfect for trickier cuts like resawing, bevel edging, pattern routing, and much more
  • Center Leg adjusts to varying material widths, allowing you to control both the keeper and off-cut sides of your workpiece through the entire cut
  • Adjusts to match material thickness, keeping the GRR-RIPPER upright and square
  • GREEN GRR-RIP gives you incredible traction for easy handling of hardwoods, composites, plastics and aluminum. Its treaded surface conforms to the workpiece for superior control
  • The GRR-RIPPER provides downward and inward pressure, keeping both sides of the cut parallel to the blade and virtually eliminating kickback on table saws
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Cutting Range: 1/4" to 9-1/4"
Compatibility: Compatible with virtually all table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws
    • Main body
    • 1/2" Leg
    • 1/4" Leg
    • Center Leg
    • Handle
    • Balance Support
    • Hardware
    • Stabilizing Plate
    • Adjustable Spacer

    SKU: GR-200