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Do you like to work with state-of-the-art technology attached to the best-constructed woodworking machinery in the world AND get the first-class support and service you deserve? If so, MARTIN and OakTree Supply are the perfect matches for you and your production needs. Whether you are machining plastic or wood MARTIN has had the best tools for the job since 1922.

MARTIN offers a full range of high-end woodworking machinery for the most discerning craftsman for every stage of joinery.  The T54 jointer will get your material perfectly flat with square edges quickly.  Move next to the T45 planer and get your material to thickness precisely and quietly thanks to the optional Xplane cutterblock and minimize errors with the 99 programmable dimensions. From the planer move to either the sliding table saw or shaper. MARTIN is credited with the invention of the first sliding table saw in 1959 and then improved upon the design in 2006 with the first dual tilting blade arbor in the world.  MARTIN T27 and T12 shapers are second to none, the ease of set up thanks to their touch screen controllers make tool calculations of complex moulding patters a breeze. 

Contact the staff at OakTree Supplies to get more information and the best deals on MARTIN machinery. OakTree Supply is the best place to buy MARTIN woodworking machinery online.

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Martin T54 Jointer
  • Starting at $ 24,390.00
Martin T45 Thickness Planer
  • Starting at $ 26,960.00
Martin T60A Sliding Table Saw
  • Starting at $ 20,350.00
Martin T60C Sliding Table Saw
  • Starting at $ 26,360.00
Martin T65 Sliding Table Saw
  • Starting at $ 28,580.00
Martin T70 Sliding Table Saw
  • Starting at $ 39,060.00
Martin T75 Prex Sliding Table Saw
  • Starting at $ 42,840.00
Martin T12 Shaper
  • Starting at $ 25,800.00
Martin T27 Shaper
  • Starting at $ 32,350.00