Festool Cordless Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTEC CTC SYS I HEPA-Basic

$ 399

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Cordless freedom with maximum portability. Systainer on the outside, cordless dust extractor on the inside. The Systainer extractor offers maximum performance and independence with minimal weight – perfect for transporting and carrying. This makes it the ideal partner for smaller tasks and quick cleanup. It enables virtually dust-free work without the need for a power outlet and excels with maximum suction power thanks to the 36 V turbine with 2 x 18 V battery packs.

Work hassle-free thanks to the robust design and premium quality components: The extractor, smooth suction hose, remote, and T-LOC Systainer connection. The innovative Bluetooth autostart and the practical remote control ensures the perfect combination of a cordless tool and the dust extractor. This provides maximum efficiency and performance for a great result.

Why Buy a Cordless Dust Extractor?

  • Adjustable: This Dust Extractor has three different settings: low, medium, and high. Choose the best suction power for your job. 
  • Maximum mobility: Compact Systainer format and minimum weight makes it easy to store and carry.
  • Convenient: The adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy clean up in hard to reach places. 
  • Independent: High-performance suction without a power cord with 2 x 18 V (4.0 Ah) battery packs.
  • Powerful: The 36 V turbine harnesses power comparable to a corded dust extractor.
  • No interruptions: Work continuously with four battery packs and a TCL 6 DUO rapid charger for most cordless applications.
  • Practical: The extractor switches on via the remote control or with a Bluetooth battery pack, saving a ton of energy. Batteries sold separately.
  • Compatible: Can be connected with Systainers or the SYS-Cart, SYS-Roll, and MW 1000.
  • Portable: The extractor that is easy to carry: Compact Systainer format, low weight and and the freedom to go wherever the job takes you - even where there isn't power. This makes it your perfect companion for small tasks and punch lists while providing more flexibility.

Note: Batteries & charger NOT included.

    • Easy to transport in fewer trips: Its low weight, Systainer format and shoulder strap make the extractor easy to carry
    • Just the size it should be: The removable hose garage makes the CTC SYS even smaller
    • Powerful: Comparable power to a corded extractor thanks to the 36 V turbine with 2 x 18 V battery packs (4.0 Ah) (sold separately)
    • Integrated Bluetooth Technology: Ideal combination with Festool cordless tools. Convenient and fast: The extractor switches on automatically via the Bluetooth battery pack
    • Practical remote control: Switching on the extractor via the remote control directly on the suction hose saves you a trip to the extractor. Ideal for occasional cleaning tasks
    • Suction power regulation: Adjustable suction power in three levels. The appropriate level can be selected depending on the application, which maximizes the battery runtime
    • Working without interruption: The TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger enables fast, simultaneous charging of two battery packs
    • Smooth suction hose: Smooth and effortless. The suction hose will impress you with flexible handling and glides over every edge
    • Practical in Systainer³ format: Comes with integrated HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of particulates down to 0.3 microns
    • All in one place: The upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle have been integrated into the cordless Systainer dust extractor, and are always within easy reach and can be securely stowed

    Weight: 19.4 lbs. (8.8 kg)
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 15-1/2" (396 mm) x 11-5/8" (297 mm) x 12" (307 mm)
    Container/filter bag capacity: 1.2 gal (4.5 dm³)/0.9 gal (3.5 dm³)
    Max. volume flow: 85 CFM (2 400 l/min)
    Max. vacuum: 72" static water (18 000 Pa)

    • Crevice Nozzle, D36
    • CT-F I extractor remote control
    • Fitted filter bag
    • Main filter
    • Shoulder strap SYS-TG
    • Smooth suction hose dia. 27x3 m AS/CT with rotating handle adapter on the extractor side
    • Upholstery brush
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