SCM Minimax FS 41C - Tersa 16" Jointer/Planer

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This 16” Jointer/Planer combo machine offers power and precision in a compact size for any shop. With long jointer tables, and sturdy fence, this machine is a quality product, made in Italy, for a value price. Find out why the Minimax FS 41C T may be perfect for you.

Minimax jointer/planers include the quick change knife head by "Tersa." This cutterhead eliminates the necessity of gauging the knives each time to ensure proper height positioning. The Tersa knives automatically lock into position when the machine is turned on. Removal of the knives is as simple as tapping down the wedge blocks and sliding out the knives. Since the knives are double-sided, they can be flipped over, reinserted, and used again.

Your Minimax FS 41C T includes a handwheel with gravitational numerical readout for accurate positioning of the planer table. It also has a separate jointer fence which rides on a rail mounted to the jointer table. The fence has a cast iron knuckle and is tiltable to 45°.

The C and E Minimax Jointer/Planer Models have one of the quickest changeover times in the industry. This is because there are two separate dust collection outlets on the same side, so they always stay in the same place regardless of whether you are joining or planing. It is also not required to drop the planer table all the way down in order to change over to the joiner like it is on many other models. The entire changeover process can be done in under a minute.

The FS 41C T has a 16” Jointer and a 16” Planer. The planer is able to process up to 9” thick material. The Jointer/Planer head also comes standard with a “Tersa” head. The most versatile cutterhead, Tersa has the fastest changeover time thanks to its disposable knife design. The knives are double-sided and lock into place by centrifugal force - no special tools or knife setting required! Just start the machine and the knives automatically index themselves.

This machine comes with an American-standard, OSHA-approved guard on a jointer bed over 70” long. American safety standards state that when the guard is moved out of the way, and let go, it must automatically recover the cutterhead, which is why the American “pork chop” guard is standard. It is spring loaded to comply with American safety standards.

Need replacement knives? Find them here.

  • 72 mm diameter cutter block with 3 knives in standard planer version
  • Tersa cutter block offers tightening knives and automatic adjustment
  • Double-sided knives can be flipped over, reinserted, and used again
  • Tersa knives never come loose
  • Extremely quiet
  • OSHA-approved standard guard for safety
  • Thicknesser infeed roller has helical toothing to guarantee strong, constant workpiece feed
  • Sandblasted steel outfeed roller maintains the perfect post-machining finish
  • Very high rigidity of the surfacing fences made of extruded aluminum

Motor: Single-phase, 230v
Circuit Breaker: 30 Amps
Horsepower: 4.8 hp
Weight: 775 lbs.
Dust extraction port diameter: 4.75” (120 mm)
Min. recommended dust extraction volume: 600 cfm

Overall table length: 70.8” (1,800 mm)
Max. jointing width: 16” (410 mm)
Cutterhead speed: 5,200 RPM
Max. depth of cut: 0.125" (4 mm)
Fence tilt: 0° - 45°

Table size: 16” x 23.8” (410 mm x 605 mm)
Min./Max. working thickness: 0.12”/9” (3 mm/230 mm)
Max. stock removal per pass: 1/8” (4 mm)
Feed speed: 23 fpm

  • Precision-milled cast iron tables
  • 3-knife “Tersa” cutterhead w/ quick-change knives
  • Planer handwheel with gravitational numerical readout
  • Side mounted Jointer fence
  • Jointer tables open away from the operator
  • American-style jointer guard
  • Tool set and operator’s manual
  • Mobility kit

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