SCM Minimax C 30G - Tersa Full Combination Machine - 4' Slider

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A universal combined machine with all the Minimax quality at the more accessible price, ideal for the D.I.Y. woodworkers and the small joinery workshops. The most compact 4-in-1 combination machine available, the Minimax C 30G T is ideal for the hobbyist who works primarily with solid wood and is looking for a better alternative to tools like a jobsite saw, benchtop lunchbox jointer, benchtop planer, and router table.

The Minimax C 30G T comes standard with 2.5hp motors, 10" sawblade capacity, 2-speed shaper, 3-knife Tersa cutterhead, and a mobility kit. The most versatile cutterhead, Tersa has the fastest changeover time thanks to its disposable knife design. The knives are double-sided and lock into place by centrifugal force - no special tools or knife setting required! Just start the machine and the knives automatically index themselves.

Achieve maximum flexibility when using the cutters with the spindle moulder unit equipped with various speeds. The machines are equipped with a spindle moulder hood with micrometric adjustment, very useful for moulding working. The tenoning operations (option) are easy tank to the aluminum carriage and the dedicated speed.

A tiltable saw unit, with sliding of the anodized aluminum carriage next to the blade for better cutting precision, is only some of the standard equipment of the Minimax woodworking combined machines.

The lifting and tilting of the unit with practical hand wheels guarantee an easy setting among different machining. This machine is rich in CE safety devices, like the shaft protection to carry out shaping operation and working on curved profiles. The machining on the planer is very easy thanks to the large dimensioned surfacing tables

  • Tilting saw unit with a 250 mm blade and a maximum blade projection from the table at 90° of 80 mm
  • Saw unit can be raised and tilted using convenient hand-wheels
  • Anodized aluminum sliding table, with a 1200 mm stroke, slides next to the blade, thus ensuring better cutting precision
  • Maximum flexibility in spindle moulder tool use with the unit with 2 speeds (5,000/7,500 RPM)
  • Spindle moulder fence with micrometric adjustment, a feature that is particularly useful on profiling jobs
  • The surfacing table opens towards the inside of the machine making it compact
  • Can process wood up to 200 mm thick
  • Genius machines have rich equipment of CE safety available as standard, such as the spindle protection to carry out machining on curved and shaped profiles

Table Saw
3x Single-phase motors (230v): 2.5hp
Squaring stroke: 
48" (1220 mm)
Main blade diameter: 10" (254 mm)
Main blade arbor size: 
5/8" (16 mm)
Blade tilt: 
90° - 45°
Ripping capacity, right side of saw blade: 
21.24" (540 mm)
Max. depth of cut at 90°: 
3.25" (82 mm)

Cutterhead: 12" (300 mm)
Table size: 11.8" x 41" (300 mm x 1041 mm)
Max. stock removal: 1/8"
Fence tilt: 90° - 45°

Table size: 11.8” x 17.71” (300 mm x 450 mm)
Min/Max material thickness: 1/8" / 6"
Feed speed: 19.7 fpm

Spindle working length: 3"
Spindle diameter: 1.25"
Spindle speed(s): 4,000 & 6,500 RPM
Max. tool dia. (under table): 6"
Max. tool dia. (above table): 8.25"

  • 4ft Sliding table saw with 10" main blade
  • (3) 2.5 Horsepower single-phase motors
  • 12” Jointer/Planer Cutterhead with Tersa knives
  • Anodized aluminum sliding table with hardened steel ways
  • Eccentric workpiece clamp
  • Adjustable and removable riving knife
  • Outrigger/Squaring frame included (not pictured)
  • Tool set and operator’s manual

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