Cantek GT635ARD-24 25" x 24" Double Surfacer Planer

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The Cantek GT635ARD 25″ Double Surface Planer has a robust cast-iron body for industrial planing day in and day out.  The spiral insert knife cutterheads produce a smooth planed finish with maximum stock removal.  The material is passed over the bottom head with a spring-loaded pin feed system allowing it to act like a jointer to flatten the board prior to being planed to an accurate thickness with the top head.

The machine frame is made from industrial cast iron with superior vibration damping qualities resulting in superior planing finish and machine longevity. The dovetail elevation posts are also made of cast iron and raised and lowered by threaded screws. The bottom and top cutterheads are spiral insert knife types. They use solid carbide insert knives, which are an industry-standard size of 30x12x1.5mm. The knives have slight chamfers in the corners, which produce a smooth and well-blended finish.

A powerful 20hp motor drives the bottom head while an even more powerful 25hp motor drives the top. This, combined with the spiral insert knife head, allows superior stock removal with less load on the motors. A 5HP motor with an industrial gearbox drives the feed. The bottom head slides quickly out of the machine for fast knife change/rotation. The top head is accessed conveniently by removing the dust hood.

The spring-loaded pressure pins in the conveyor system overlap to minimize gaps to ensure the workpiece is held firmly. The system is designed to hold the piece firmly but not flatten it like a traditional feed roll. This is advantageous when the material is passing over the bottom jointing cutterhead.

Feel confident feeding uneven work material thanks to the solid steel roller, sectional feed roller, & sectional chip breaker before the top cutterhead and followed by a solid pressure shoe and rubber feed roller. The rubber roller also ensures no marking of the workpiece with any chips left on the surface.

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  • Spring loaded conveyor pin system ensures material is passed over the bottom cutterhead to result in a flat and uniform board prior to planing to thickness on the top head
  • Spiral insert knife cutterheads with two-sided solid carbide knives produce a smooth finish with increased stock removal capacity and extremely quiet operation
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron machine body and table for vibration-free cutting
  • Digital electronic thickness adjustment in INCH and MM (Inch = 0.001” / mm = 0.01mm resolution) for precise thickness control
  • Hard chrome-plated worktable for high wear resistance
  • Auto lubrication to conveyor chain, central lubrication for dovetail elevation guideways
  • 25″ x 24" capacity
  • Cutterheads are spiral insert type with six (6) rows of carbide inserts
  • (2) driven and (1) idle bed roll for superior feeding of even difficult material
  • Swiveling control panel for more ergonomic access to machine controls
  • Inverter variable speed control with feed speeds from 26 to 80 FPM
  • Easy to access external handwheel adjustment of infeed bed
  • Section chipbreaker and sectional feed roller before top cutterhead
  • Rubber outfeed top roller to prevent chip marking
  • Over-thickness safety shut-off bar across infeed.
  • Ammeter for each motor on control panel to monitor motor load

Max. working width: 25″
Max. working thickness: 24"
Min. workpiece length: 12.2″
Bottom head motor: 20hp
Top planing head motor: 25hp
Feed motor: 5hp
Table elevation motor: 1/2hp
Knife dimensions: 30 x 12 x1.5 mm (96 pcs per head)
Cutterhead speed: 5,400 RPM
Feed speed (variable): 26-80 FPM
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 105″ x 45.1″ x 67.7″
Net weight: 6,600 lbs.
Packaging dimensions: 109″ x 49″ x 74″
Gross weight: 7,700 lbs.



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