Making a River Table

Making a River Table

Build List:

That is with the Entropy Resin CCR system and I used purple Alumidust powder to give it some color.

I used a homemade router sled to level it with a 1.25" planer bit after it cured because it was hard to sand and remove bulk material, not impossible but not worth my time. Once everything was the same level I used the Festool ETS EC150 sander and CT Midi Dust Extractor to sand the wood to 400 grit, this still left visible scratches in the epoxy so I hand sanded that up to 4,000 grit.

To apply the varnish oil I first burnished the wood with 0000 (4 ot) oil-free steel wool with the grain. I used a minuscule amount of varnish per the instructions to just barely change the color of the wood and let that coat sit for 20 hours then buffed off any excess with a lint-free cloth. After 24+ hours passed I burnished again with the 0000 steel wool, applied another minuscule amount of varnish, waited 20 hours to buff off extra, another 4+ hours started over with the burnishing. I put a total of 3 coats on which took 6 days in total due to not being able to do both the top and bottom in a day.

River table build slabs in box ready for resinRiver table buildRiver table build- after router was used and ready to sand down with 4000 grit paperRiver table build - applying varnish


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